Ants vs Live Feeders

Ants are omnivorous insects and will eat almost anything. Depending on the type of ant, they will feed on worms, plants, and even small birds. Here at Werms.Inc, we provide 3 main types of live feeders to feed your ants with.


Based on convenience, Mealworms would be the best to feed your ants as they are small in size and can be fed live or dead. We would recommend feeding your ants Dried Mealworms as Live Mealworms may struggle away from your ants while feeding. 

Adult Crickets, and Superworms may not be as convenient, but may be more suitable for some colonies depending on the size and species. Pinheads and weekold crickets can be easily consumed due to their size.


Ants require a diet that is rich in protein and carbohydrates. Large amounts of protein is needed for ant larvae to grow into adult sized ants and for the queen ant to lay eggs, while carbohydrates are needed to give worker ants enough energy.

Adult Crickets are the highest in protein, ranging from 55 to 73%, depending on the cricket species. While Superworms serves as a more balanced feeder, containing 47% protein, 42% fat, calcium and phosphorus.

Which is best for my ants?

The most important questions will be how the live feeder interacts with your ants. In order to ensure that they are getting all the nutrition they require, we can introduce a variety of feeders into the colony’s diet.

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