Edible Greens

Suitable for: All Ages

Discover the beauty of blending horticulture and gastronomy in our “Edible Greens Workshop.” Unleash your creativity as you craft captivating terrariums with miniature edible plants, herbs, and vegetables. Learn the art of semi-hydroponics, cultivating a soilless wonderland where nature thrives in self-sustaining harmony.

 Our instructors will lead you through the process, teaching essential care tips and gardening techniques. Experience the therapeutic joy of gardening while gaining practical knowledge for maintaining your edible micro-ecosystem. Elevate your culinary endeavours with homegrown delights and take home your self-sustaining enchanting creation.

Programme Includes:

Customised learning objectives

Baseline and enhanced syllabus

Semi-Hydro Edible Terrarium Kit

Curated lesson plan

Lesson delivery (60mins)

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