Embrace Sustainable Living with Vermicomposting Workshops by Werms.Inc

Werms.Inc stands as a premier feeder farm and an eco-educator in Singapore. Our mission goes beyond supplying premium feeder insects; we’re dedicated to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. Join us in our interactive workshops to learn about the world of vermicomposting, guiding you through the eco-friendly process of recycling kitchen waste with compost worms.

Vermicompost Singapore

Composting vs. Vermicomposting: Understanding the Green Difference

What is Composting? (Usage of Kitchen and Garden Waste)

Composting is the process of breaking down kitchen and garden leftovers into a compost that enriches the soil.

What is Vermicomposting? (Usage of Worms)

Vermicomposting is similar but involves using worms to turn kitchen scraps into an even richer compost called vermicompost. These worms are efficient at recycling waste into valuable food for plants.

Vermicomposting Workshops by Werms.Inc

Compost Worms - Vermicomposting Workshop

We provide a complete experience, from 60 to 120-minute sessions, starter kits, and worksheets to kickstart your vermicomposting journey.

  • Materials Provided by Werms.Inc:

    We believe in offering a seamless learning journey. As such, all necessary materials are provided by Werms.Inc, ensuring you have everything you need to start on your vermicomposting adventure.

  • Starter Kit Inclusions:

    Our comprehensive vermicomposting starter kit includes cocopeat, peat moss, compost, compost worms, food waste, and a box carrier – everything you need to create your vermicomposting setup.

  • Worksheets to Consolidate Knowledge:

    To enhance your learning experience, we provide worksheets that consolidate your newfound knowledge and guide you towards mastering vermicomposting.

Vermicomposting Baseline Workshop: A Journey to Sustainable Living

Our Vermicomposting Baseline Workshop is designed for individuals at all levels of expertise. Throughout this session, you’ll gain valuable insights into the global food waste crisis and how you can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. By the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away with the practical skills and knowledge to build your own vermicomposting kit, enabling you to make a meaningful impact on the environment.

The syllabus comprises 5 chapters, starting with an introduction to food waste and modern solutions. We will then delve into the intriguing world of earthworms, highlighting their significance as “little eco warriors.” Then, there will be a hands-on segment where you’ll construct your own vermicomposting starter kit and learn essential maintenance techniques. Additionally, the workshop covers the materials suitable for vermicomposting and concludes with a Q&A session to ensure a thorough understanding of the content.

Vermicomposting Enhanced Workshop: Advancing Your Green Practices

Compost Worms - Vermicomposting Workshop

This workshop focuses on refining your vermicomposting knowledge. You will know the intricacies of vermicomposting and expand your expertise in sustainable practices. Then, you will also learn how to review and maintain your vermicomposting setup. With that knowledge, you can have the ability to assess compost quality.

You will learn the vital role of humus in soil health, the ecological importance of earthworms, and the methods to expedite the composting process. The practical, hands-on experience will equip you with everything needed for successful vermicomposting and soil quality assessment, ensuring a thorough understanding of this sustainable practice.

Vermicomposting’s Impact & Benefits

Reducing Food Waste

It directly tackles the issue of food waste, converting it into valuable resources.

Nutrient-Rich Compost

It directly addresses the issue of food waste by converting it into valuable resources, including nutrient-rich vermicompost.

Sustainable Gardening

The vermicompost produced is a potent source of nutrients for plants, enhancing compost soil quality and promoting healthy plant growth.

Environmental Benefits

By practicing vermicomposting and harnessing the power of worms, you become a steward of sustainable gardening practices, reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers that may harm the environment.

Be Part of the Green Revolution with Werms.Inc

Step into a more sustainable future with Werms.Inc’s vermicomposting workshops. Participate in our vermicomposting workshops to learn about compost worms and compost soil, and become part of a community of passionate sustainability advocates.

Check our website for more details and become part of the solution for a greener planet.

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