Monster Fish

Monster fish may be a familiar term for fish or aquatic hobbyists and enthusiasts, but for those who are less familiar and are wondering what a monster fish is, firstly, know that monster fish are not a specific species of fish. Instead, the term is pretty self-explanatory, and amongst many hobbyists and enthusiasts, and simply refers to fishes that can grow to a large size, although there is still no hard and fast rule on the definition of a monster fish. Common species of freshwater fish that fall under this category include catfish, cichlid, arowana etc.

Many fish owners and hobbyists enjoy spending time feeding their fish, as it is one of the most frequent interactions with them. With such monster fish that often grow rapidly, it is no surprise that they are constantly hungry and require larger amounts of food. Therefore, the importance of a good diet that meets their nutritional requirements cannot be overstated. Often, fish owners find that each individual fish has its own preferences and dietary needs, thus there is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing a diet plan that can cater to all fish, and tailoring the diet for their pets often requires some amount of trial and error. However, some common options to add monster fishes’ diet include live feeder fish such as tilapia and guppies, as well as live insect feeders such as mealworms, bloodworms and superworms as these are generally well received by most fish, and are high in protein, fat, calcium and other essential nutrients.

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