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Preying Mantis

Named after and known for their unique resting position of their long front limbs, resembling a position of prayer, or they may also commonly be

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There are various species of birds of all shapes and sizes, each with very different bird calls and songs, that fall under the classification of

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Just like earthworms, frogs have the ability to respire through their skin? This is also why both frogs and earthworms have skins that feel slimy

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Monster Fish

Monster fish may be a familiar term for fish or aquatic hobbyists and enthusiasts, but for those who are less familiar and are wondering what

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“Vermi” meaning in relation to worms, and “composting” refers to the process of decomposing and breaking down natural organic material. In turn produces humus as

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Wermeal™ Bloom

What is Wermeal™ Bloom? It is the by-product of the growth and metabolic processes of our insects. Widely known as insect frass, it is produced

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