Gut loaded with Calcium and Vitamin-E diet to promote immunity and support fast healthy growth of pets.

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Calcium+ Superworms


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Quantity Information
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150g - Approximately 210 pieces, 3 standard petshop boxes
250g - Approximately 350 pieces, 5 standard petshop boxes
500g - Approximately 700 pieces, 10 standard petshop boxes
1000g - Approximately 1400 pieces, 20 standard petshop boxes
Delivery Information
We deliver from 4:00pm to 8:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Description and Superworm Care
It is easy to take care of superworms. Our container lid comes with ventilation holes, so it is alright to keep your worms in the same container for short durations of time. Being nocturnal creatures, keep your superworms in the dark and indoors to avoid the heat. As superworms have veracious appetites, add on a substrate pack to feed your hungry superworms.
Calcium gut loaded superworms are fed with a high calcium diet to allow nutritional transfer of calcium over to your pets. For birds, calcium is essential in brain and nerve functions and can improve behavioural problems such as feather plucking or chewing. Calcium+ superworms also aid in the development of strong bones and muscles, keeping your pets healthy and strong!

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