Less than 3 days old pinhead crickets for small pets.

  • Locally bred in Nparks licensed insect farm
  • 2g (insect weight) of pinhead crickets
  • Approximately 300 pieces
  • Free Delivery

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Pinhead Crickets


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Quantity Information

Weight reflected does not include packaging weight
2g - Approximately 300 pieces
3g - Approximately 450 pieces
4g - Approximately 600 pieces
5g - Approximately 750 pieces

Delivery Information

We deliver from 6pm to 9pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Description and Cricket Care

It is alright to keep your week-olds and pinheads crickets in the containers we provide. However as crickets get larger, male crickets will become territorial and start fighting for space. Hence, it is advisable to transfer them into a larger deep ventilated container. To keep the crickets hydrated, add a very small amount — almost a pinch — of fresh vegetables into the container. Our favourites are potatoes, carrots and lettuce.
Pinhead crickets are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, essential nutrients for the rapid and healthy growth of your tiny pets. Their richness in prebiotic fibre aids in improving your pets’ digestive guts. They are the tiniest of crickets we have available and they are a perfect feed for your smaller pets like frogs, toads, betta fishes, praying mantis and young reptiles. Expect them to be slightly smaller than your average rice grain (2-4mm).

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