Crickets gutloaded with Vit-C rich foods to improve immune regulation of pets.

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Vit-C Crickets


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3 boxes - Approximately 230 pieces, 6 standard petshop boxes
5 boxes - Approximately 380 pieces, 9 standard petshop boxes
Delivery Information
We deliver from 6pm to 9pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Description and Cricket Care
It is alright to keep your week-olds and pinheads crickets in the containers we provide. However as crickets get larger, male crickets will become territorial and start fighting for space. Hence, it is advisable to transfer them into a larger deep ventilated container. To keep the crickets hydrated, add a very small amount — almost a pinch — of fresh vegetables into the container. Our favourites are potatoes, carrots and lettuce.
Crickets are your go to environmentally-friendly feeders for your pets, mainly for birds and reptiles like geckos and bearded dragons, amphibians, and arthropods like tarantulas. Crickets are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, making them a one-stop balanced meal for your pets. They are also a good source of prebiotic fibre to maintain your pets’ healthy digestive guts. Unlike mealworms and superworms, crickets are more active and challenging to catch, providing your pets’ with an enrichment activity to hone their wild scavenging instincts. It is important not to feed your smaller pets too big of an insect, in case they choke. You can check out our other sizes of crickets, namely pinheads and week-olds.

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