Urban Insect Farming Workshop

Urban insect farming converts clean and homogenous food waste into quality insect protein and organic fertiliser. 
In this 60-minute family-friendly insect farming workshop that promotes awareness on the bigger picture of food waste in Singapore’s agri-food supply chain, we will also learn how we can resourcefully reduce waste.

What Is Insect Farming?

Insect farming converts clean and homogenous food waste into quality insect protein and organic fertiliser.

Traditional animal feed often harvests raw materials from the wild. By making the change from feeding commercial feed to locally farmed insects, we can work towards a more sustainable food source for the animals.

Compared to traditional livestock, insect farming is more sustainable. It has a lower carbon footprint and requires fewer resources, such as land and water, to convert low-quality organic waste into protein-rich food supplies.

Insects have higher reproduction rates and shorter life cycles, allowing insect farms to scale up their production easily, meeting the demands for protein in a sustainable manner. The byproducts of insect farming, such as insect frass, are good organic fertilisers for plants, creating a zero-waste practice and making insect farming all the more sustainable!


Expected Learning Takeaway

Join us on a journey around our insect farm where we introduce our friendly insects in residence! Our farm has mealworms, superworms, African Nightcrawler earthworms, and crickets of various sizes. Learn how food waste from Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre is upcycled through our insects and discover the potential of our insects apart from being just animal feed.

Besides learning more about our insects, our farm tour also includes a hands-on activity where you will get to build and bring home your very own low-maintenance vermicomposting bin! Understand the benefits of vermicomposting and how it helps our environment.

While the vermicompost acts as a natural fertiliser for plants, it also helps reduce your household food waste!

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