Vermicomposting Workshop

Suitable for: All levels

Students will learn more about the realities of global and local food waste situation in our food supply chain to when it reaches the end consumer. From there, they will be able to set up and bring home their very own vermicomposting kit, kickstarting their own sustainability journey. Feeling the worms crawling on their hands makes this a unique extra-curricular activity that is not one to miss.

Suitable for all ages, adults can learn how to reduce food waste while bonding with their colleagues through this hands-on experience that is new to most. Working adults may not have the time to upkeep habits that are time-consuming, but we have proven methods to keep vermicomposting a low maintenance sustainable habit that they can adopt.


Students will take a hands-on approach to learn how they can turn daily kitchen waste into organic fertilisers for plants.

Apart from learning about composting and its limitations. The programme will educate students on the biology of earthworms and the conditions required to expedite composting.

Neglected compost bins can be refunded to offset future programme fees.

Programme Includes:

Customised learning objectives

Baseline and enhanced syllabus

Compost tray

Curated lesson plan

Lesson delivery (60mins)

Frequently Asked Questions

Vermicomposting is the use of earthworms to convert waste into compost.
It is 60-120 minutes. Should you have a specific duration in mind, do let us know and we can plan accordingly!
We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to join us!

We have conducted workshops for:
Schools/Educational Institutes
Corporate Organisations
Community/Residential Clubs
Governmental Organisations
For individuals, you can join our farm tour or keep a lookout for physical/digital posters in your neighbourhood community or residential clubs for workshop openings within your vicinity.

For corporates and other organisations or institutes, feel free to request a quote via our website at or contact us through Whatsapp at +65 8862 2577.
All materials required for the workshop will be provided by us.

Each student will receive a starter kit containing cocopeat, peat moss and compost, a pack of African Nightcrawler earthworms, food waste and a Werms.Inc box carrier to bring your vermicomposting creations home. Students will receive a worksheets to consolidate your learning.
Participants will have a deeper understanding of the current global food waste situation, how food waste is generated within the supply chain, cosmetic filtering and how earthworms help reduce food waste to form vermicompost, a natural fertiliser.

Participants will also be able to set-up their own vermicomposting kit and bring them home!
Vermicomposting help reduce household food waste and upcycles them into vermicompost, a natural organic fertilizer for your plants.

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