Wermeal™ Bloom

What is Wermeal™ Bloom? It is the by-product of the growth and metabolic processes of our insects. Widely known as insect frass, it is produced by our insect army after consuming and digesting tons of organic materials such as wheat bran and cosmetic filtered food waste. Wermeal™ Bloom can often be identified by its resemblance to fine sand containing small amounts of cuticles, shed by the insects when they moult.

Rather than disposing of this organic waste, we harvest them from our mealworms and superworms. Being particularly rich in organic nitrogen and potassium content, Wermeal™ Bloom makes an excellent fertiliser for plants, both edibles and ornamentals. Research has shown that it is just as efficient as commercial synthetic NPK fertilisers in promoting plant health and growth. Additionally, chitin, the primary polymer that makes up the exoskeleton of mealworms has been found to be effective against plant pathogens, as well as giving plants a little growth and immunity boost! Therefore, not only can Wermeal™ Bloom be used to partially or fully substitute commercial mineral NPK fertilisers, it is a gentle fertiliser that is particularly beneficial to variegated plants. With its gentle yet fast-releasing properties, there is no need to worry about over-fertilising, burnt leaves or root rot. 

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