Why We Farm – Mealworms and Superworms

Although they both contain the word ‘worm’ in their name, Mealworms and Superworms are not worms at all! Superworms (Scientific name: Zophobas Morio) and Mealworms (Scientific name: Tenebio Molitor) are actually the larvae of darkling beetles from the Tenebrionidae family.

For countless decades, Mealworms and Superworms have been and will continue to be an irreplaceable diet for various animals including amphibians and reptiles to meet their daily nutritional requirements. Both species of larvae are known to be high in protein, fibre, fat and calcium, amongst various other essential nutrients. Research has in fact found that mealworms, in particular, have the amino acid composition required to fully meet the corresponding nutritional needs in humans and salmon, and can partially substitute a fishmeal-based diet, which is less environmentally friendly, in various species of fish such as trout.

An interesting fact about mealworms and superworms is that they can naturally break down and consume polystyrene, better known at Styrofoam. Polystyrene takes about five hundred years to be broken down naturally and is one of the major classes of plastic contributing to global warming, as well as air and water pollution when incinerated. In a recent experiment, scientists discovered that mealworms and superworms have certain microbes in their digestive tract that gives them the ability to digest polystyrene without harmful effects. This groundbreaking discovery has huge potential as a viable solution to help mitigate the issue of our ever-increasing amount of Styrofoam.

Nonetheless, our pampered insects at Werms.inc are fed on a clean and traceable diet of wheat bran and cosmetic filtered vegetable waste. Harnessing their unique ability to sequester carotenoids unlike any other insect, Mealworms and Superworms make the ideal vessel for nutritional transfer to pets

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