Why You Should Keep – Chickens

Though less commonly seen around compared to the kampong days in Singapore, many people today still rear chickens as pets in Singapore. Some reasons cited by these pet owners include chickens being relatively easier to care for compared to conventional pets such as cats and dogs while being more interactive compared to fish. Plus points or being able to produce fresh eggs too! In fact, in recent years, there has been a growing interest in raising and rearing chickens as pets. If you are interested in raising chickens as pets, you’ll be glad to know that it is completely legal to keep them in Singapore should you live in a private residence.

Silkie, Brahma and Cochin chickens are amongst the most popular ornamental chickens that hobbyists rear in Singapore. Like most chickens, domestic breeds require high levels of protein and calcium in their diets too. Protein is essential for chickens to maintain healthy growth, immunity, as well as aiding with moulting. It is especially important to replenishand supplement calcium in the diet of egg laying hens as egg shells are made of approximately forty percent calcium. A common source of food that pet owners choose to meet these dietary requirements are mealworms, superworms, bsf and crickets, both live and dried, which are known to be high in both of these essential nutrients.

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