Why You Should Keep – Frogs

It is completely legal to keep green tree frogs here in Singapore. They can be conveniently kept in a vivarium setup, a little box of nature that brightens up your home. It is a joy to look at and offers a great pastime to watch them prey on insects. As a source of food, crickets are the common go-to feeder that pet owners feed their frogs with. Although crickets make up most frogs’ staple diet, pet owners should be aware that crickets alone cannot make up their entire diet, due to high amounts of chitin contained in both live and dried crickets (as part of their exoskeleton). A well-balanced diet consists of various insects such as crickets and other invertebrates such as mealworms, superworms and earthworms, that are known to be high in protein, fibre, fat and calcium, among various other essential nutrients that are beneficial to frog health. 

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